Professor Alexander (“Sandy”) J Trees

Professor of Veterinary Parasitology,
University of Liverpool and Dean,
Faculty of Veterinary Science
Past and Present European funded projects

1993-1997 EEC (Biotechnology): ‘Development of BCG as a live vaccine vector to stimulate protective immunity against  intracellular parasites'

1994-1998 EEC-(STD3)- project grant ‘The development of on-farm antibody assays for Babesia bovis and B. bigemina to aid the management of enzootic stability in the control of babesiosis in south/east Africa'                                                     
2000-2005 EU: project grant – VARBO “Vaccination against River Blindness (onchocerciasis)’
2001-2005 EU Framework ‘Epidemiology and diagnoses of bovine Neosporosis in Europe’
2007-present EU Framework 6 SCOOTT ‘Sustainable control of Onchocerciasis today and tomorrow’

Other current funding sources

2002-present Wellcome Trust: project grant - ‘Bovine neosporosis: the development of evidence-based control systems’
2003-present Novartis Animal Vaccines Ltd: ‘Vaccination against Neospora – associated abortion in cattle’
2004-present BBSRC: project grant ‘Sequencing and annotation of the genome of Neospora caninum’.
2007-2012 Wellcome Trust – Strategic Award ‘Clinical veterinary research – a framework for research training’ PI of consortium bid from all 7 UK veterinary schools

Key publications

Gilbert, J., Nfon, C.K., Makepeace, B.L., Njongmeta, L.M., Hastings, I.M., Pfarr, K.M., Renz, A.,  Tanya, V.N. and Trees, A.J. (2005). 
Antibiotic chemotherapy of onchocerciasis: in a bovine model, killing of adult parasites requires a sustained depletion of endosymbiotic bacteria (Wolbachia). Journal of Infectious Diseases, 192, 1483-1493.
Tchakouté, V.L., Graham, S.P., Jensen, S.A., Makepeace, B.L., Nfon, C.K., Njongmeta, L.M., Lustigman, S., Enyong, P.A., Tanya, V.N., Bianco, A.E. and Trees, A.J. (2006).
In a bovine model of onchocerciasis, protective immunity exists naturally, is absent in drug-cured hosts, and is induced by vaccination.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103, 5971-5976.
Nfon, C.K., Makepeace, B.L., Njongmeta, L.M., Tanya, V.N., Bain, O. and Trees, A.J.  (2006). 
Eosinophils contribute to killing of adult Onchocerca ochengi within onchocercomata following elimination of Wolbachia.  Microbes and Infection 8, 2698-2705.
Nfon, C.K., Makepeace, B.L., Njongmeta, L.M., Tanya, V.N. and Trees, A.J. (2007). 
Lack of resistance after re-exposure of cattle cured of Onchocerca ochengi infection with oxytetracycline.  American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 76, 67-72